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Energy Medicine Podcast Episodes

Plantar Fasciitis Online Support

In this episode I look at the online options to help support people with plantar fasciitis and discuss the relative positives and negatives along with introducing my new online Plantar Fasciitis Rehabilitation Programme. Details of the programme can be found

Plantar Fasciitis Standing and Walking

In this episode I look at the two main issues people with plantar fasciitis have standing and walking! I offer immediate solutions and ways to alter loading to reduce pain and promote healing of the fascia.

What causes Plantar Fasciitis

This episode explains what causes Plantar Fasciitis why you get it common solutions and how to stand and walk.

Pain and Inflammation

This Episode is on pain and inflammation: Its not what you think, it explains how pain killers work along with anti- inflammatory drugs and why they do not tackle the problem - only mask it

Energy Medicine Origins: My Story

This is my First Podcast Episode explaining what Energy Medicine is and my Journey to becoming a Physical Rehabilitation Expert