You have had KNEE REPLACEMENT surgery now maximise the benefit!

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Learn how to benefit from your knee surgery, to be more active, more of the time!

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Want to be able to bend your knee and straighten you knee normally post knee replacement surgery? Walk extended distances, climb stairs with ease and do the things you love?

You have finally had your knee replacement. The surgery was a success and you were home quickly. Starting on crutches the pain subsided quickly from the operation and you start moving about with more confidence exploring what you can do with your new knee. 

The hospital gave you some post surgery medication and a plan sheet of exercises to do. These you follow diligently for the first week leading up to your physiotherapy session.

You go to physiotherapy and you are progressing well and focus is on sit to stand, walking stairs and knee bend which is all recorded, you may also have some additional exercises to do.

Now this process varies significantly depending are where you are in the country, but follows a pattern of progressively getting you off crutches and walking and moving short distances and been able to do stairs. At this point around 6 weeks you are off the list and maybe given some advanced movements.

Sound familiar so far...?

At this point people tend to go in two directions or more specifically two destinations

Destination 1

Continue doing the rehabilitation regularly working on getting stronger and more able to use their knee. Pushing to do normal things then improving. So not just going back to the office and work, but walking at lunch time, taking stairs, more active in the week and really embracing the freedom of a successful surgery and new knee.

Destination 2

Walking and moving ok to do normal everyday things back at work and in pre operation routine. This works very well initially as the progress from pre surgery is evident and progress has been good since losing the crutches. However as you have peaked progress shows and you slowly start doing less. 

This may be fine for your lifestyle and work extremely well but if it is not there is another way.

Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

You had knee replacement surgery because you has arthritis, the surgery is extremely successful and your joint pain has gone. However, you may have one or all of the following issues:-

  • Not able to fully straighten your knee, causing issues with standing and walking.
  • Not able to bend your knee well so sitting and stairs are difficult along with walking.
  • Your knee feels very tight so you can bend and straighten but its stiff, painful and cannot bend past 90 degrees.

Knee Replacement Rehabilitation is a step by step online course to address all of your knee issues and getting your knee to move as you want in six weeks or less!

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up to Knee Replacement Rehabilitation

Mindset and Goal Setting

Getting your head in the right place is essential to success on this programme. Initially finding what you can do, what you want to be able to do and use the course as the bridge.

Bespoke Movements to develop your knee

Range of movement is Key with a focus on straight and 120 degree bend. You also learn why this is so important and why its limiting you.

Tracking Progress with a Pain Diary for mobility take off 

Once you know where you are starting and want to go measuring progress keeps you on track. You learn to measure the magnitude of the improvement which is extremely motivating

Learn how to develop all these changes as a habit

You go through the course learn what to do and see progress. Importantly I explain how to develop this course as a habit so its automatic and you get better without thinking

Here’s what people are saying about the course, be the next Energy Medicine success story!

Ann Parker

Nutrition Specialist

Pre having a knee replacement i played regular club tennis. This programme enabled me to return to playing, giving me the confidence to push myself

Wendy Garcarz

Company Director

This course inspired me to get moving, I can do all of the movements I need to lead a normal life. The surgery was good the rehabilitation made the difference

Ian Moore

IT Consultant

"This knee replacement course enabled me to do a charity cycle ride from London to Paris" The practice and focus on specific movements enabled my knee to bend and straighten more.

So, What is in the Knee Replacement Rehabilitation Programme


Module 1: 

This module is all about straightening your leg so that you can walk and stand better. The module focus is on movements and exercises to release the back part of your leg, your hamstrings, enable you to stand tall with little fatigue


Module 2: 

This module is all about movements to bend your knee. This is important for stairs, walking and sitting down and getting up. Initially you are told that 90 degrees is the target but a range to 120 degrees or beyond is much more helpful and enables you to do lots more movements


Module 3: 

Walking and plenty of it, this module focuses on how you should walk the movements and the mechanics. I use a six minute walk test to form a baseline of your walking skill and ability with a simple goal of improving steps, length of stride and importantly balance. 


Module 4: 

Stair master. Stairs bring everything together, straightening your knee, bending your knee, walking foot placement along with balance and co ordination. Up to know you have been nursing your knee as the loading on the knee going upstairs is 3 times your body weight and coming downstairs is 5 times your bodyweight. That is why stairs and exercise related to them is so important.


Essential Bonuses to aid your recovery!

Bonus 1
Mindset and Goals

Goals give a target to aim for which is very important but I dig deeper. You will have some movements you can do well, in some cases very well. Others are partial, sort of with difficulty, like walking short distances, but unable to walk long distances. Other things feel out of reach, for example kneeing or bending.

Mindset and Goals enable rapid progress and help you understand you are where you are, and bridge the gap to where you want to go!

Bonus 2
Tracking Progress

For change to happen you need to accept where you are starting from then work to your goal. I introduce you to magnitude of improvement and percentage change to highlight positive progress. Tracking shows progress made and areas of focus.

Short frequent regular bursts are all that is needed.

Bonus 3
How to make it a Habit

95 % of our life is automatic and skills like mobility we have been doing all our life and have become habits. This has been compounded by modifications to your movement prior to surgery to cope with pain. Your movement now will also be different post surgery as your knee is straight, relatively heavy and different. Small alterations with regular practice will make a massive difference over a very short time, and enable you to make lasting automatic changes for a lasting effect.

About The Course Teacher,
(Stephen Grinnell MSc.)

Stephen has been involved with Physical Rehabilitation for over 12 years and has a successful Pain and Rehabilitation clinic in Stratford Upon Avon. Stephen is a expert in rehabilitation with a particular focus on knees, lower back and plantar fasciitis. Stephen has a Masters Degree in rehabilitation and conducts regular research with his patients and trains other professionals around the world in his processes.

He is constantly learning and developing new methods, movements and protocols to help patients have a fast lasting recovery. He is currently training for a trek to Everest base camp in March 2024 and is a avid Rugby Union supporter and looking forward to the Rugby world Cup in September 2023. 

Here’s what people are saying about the course instructor

Darin McLean

Financial Adviser

Extremely focused on applying movements to help you in daily life!

I have had the benefit of working with Stephen at his clinic for several pain and mobility issues and his attention to detail is astounding.  

Ash Hussain

Family Law Solicitor

Had lots of physio before seeing Stephen, his approach is so different and targeted always looking for the root cause or issue.

Working with Stephen is so different as he explains not only what you have to do but importantly why and links to the root cause and the solution, extremely knowledgeable.

Patrick Dormon

Business Coach

Told Stephen I was 98% perfect post working with him!

Stephen was really interesting to work with as his movement approach was so different to other specialists who had tried to help me. I text saying I was 98% better he still asks me how I measure the 2%.

What you learn on the Knee Replacement Rehabilitation Programme is valued at £997! A programme of 1 to 1 support and treatment at the clinic is exactly that, not to mention the 11 years refining the programme with real patients at different stages of rehabilitation.

The cost of the online course is normally £97, but as a introduction offer this has been slashed to £47 and for the first 100 people £27 before 1st December 2023!


Simple, fast and effective 

£97 £47 Early Bird £27

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Lifetime Access
  • Acces to All Modules
  • Immediate Start

Discounted Course Enrolments close on 1st December 2023

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You missed out!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

Simple full refund no questions asked for 30 days post sign up to the course!

Don’t wait! Look at what past students have to say about this course

Rose Dixon

Director Charity

Before working for a charity I was a senior nurse and the movements and exercises are specific and work

I have had both my knees replaced and had treatment and worked with Stephen to recover from both. I use the video course to keep me on track very helpful!

Martyn Finney

Independent Contractor 

Easy and simple to follow movements that really help, You have to keep doing them to maintain your movement.

The course works well all the movements are designed to be done at home with minimal equipment. Doing them regularly I have had the full use of my knee. Next stop snowboarding!

Linda Jones

CEO Salus Charity

Simple and highly effective programme of rehabilitation.

I bought this programme for my Mum to use as she had knee surgery but not got the best from her initial rehabilitation. My mum found the programme easy to follow and her movement and walking improved significantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the right course for me?

The course is for people who have had successful knee replacement surgery and have been signed of from physiotherapy in good health. This course is for people wishing to progress their rehabilitation either after physiotherapy or 6 to 12 months post operation and want more mobility.

Do I need the consultation element? 

Most people do not need the consultation element, the course is easy to follow and you progress through and practice each movement till it becomes a habit.

People that need the support tend to have additional issues and require more support, some even visit the clinic post course.

Do I need any special equipment? 

The movements are designed to be done at home using items around the house. Some additional items are used for example stretch bands to make movements more difficult. These items can be purchased easily online or at a sports shop.

I am older, is the course for me?

The majority of knee replacements are carried out on people who are 50+. The oldest person to complete the movements and make significant progress is Doris aged 89. However it does depend on your goals and what you want to be able to do? If you were very active and want to be active again then yes. if you can do most things you need then probably no. the choice is yours

Who are you, what is your experience? 

I am Stephen Grinnell a physical rehabilitation specialist with 11 years running a Pain and Rehabilitation clinic. I have treated over 2500 patients in that time and have a Masters Degree specialising in joint rehabilitation. Presented numerous research papers to conferences nationally and I am passionate about helping people. 

Is there a guarantee of success? 

Yes there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Completion of the rehabilitation programme will give significant results in 6 weeks providing its followed and the movements are practiced regularly. 

What you learn on the Knee Replacement Rehabilitation Programme is valued at £997! A programme of 1 to 1 support and treatment at the clinic is exactly that, not to mention the 11 years refining the programme with real patients at different stages of rehabilitation.

The cost of the online course is normally £97, but as a introduction offer this has been slashed to £47 and for the first 100 people £27 before 1st December 2023!


Simple, fast and effective 

£97 £47 Early Bird £27

  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Lifetime Access
  • Acces to All Modules
  • Immediate Start

My Personal Thoughts

If you keep doing the same things you will get the same results. If you change what you do and follow a different programme and commit to change things happen and they happen fast!

I am passionate about physical rehabilitation and love helping people get better and recover from surgery getting the best from their knee replacement.

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